Aronia: both magic fruit and real health benefits

These benefits start with the antioxidant action of chokeberry which prevents the aging process and cell damage.

Then pass to normalization of health indicators such as: (i) the levels of cholesterol (ii) of the sugar in the blood, (iii) high blood pressure that comes as a result of reducing the constriction of blood vessels.

In fact, polyphenols in aronia reduce the blockage of arteries, especially in people with diabetes.

The anti-cancer effect of aronia is very important according to studies that support it.

Here it is worth mentioning the excellent anti-inflammatory properties and especially the fact that they come from a fruit of nature, a berry makes them even more special!

Finally, even if the above were not enough and we wanted to fully justify the characterization of the “magic fruit”, let us not forget the improvement of the mood.