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Why aronia is good for cardiovascular health

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death among men and women. And related risk factors such as high blood pressure have been linked to more severe COVID-19 complications. The pandemic has likely brought about even more cardiovascular challenges because chronic stress and anxiety can exacerbate risk factors related to heart health. And since stress can also negatively impact the immune system, seeking out products to support a strong, healthy and balanced immune system and cardiovascular system is especially relevant in these current times.

Industry data that shows that consumers are continuing to seek out natural ingredients and supplements for an easy daily regimen to bolster their overall heart health. Aronia berries are the top contender, says Artemis International.

Scientific findings helped to highlight the tremendous antioxidant capacity of aronia berry due to its incredibly rich flavonoid content and added data to its anecdotal heart health benefits.

The health properties of aronia berry have been linked to its strikingly high level of flavonoid actives called anthocyanins. These color pigments not only contribute to the high antioxidant capacity—three times that of wild blueberry—but they also contribute to aronia berry’s significant impacts on blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, and circulation.

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